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October 4, 2019 – March 31, 2020

What are the promotion dates? 

The Juicy Juice® “Enjoy Juicy Juice and You Could Win Movie Tickets and More!” Instant Win Game (“Promotion”) runs from 12:00PM ET on October 4, 2019 to 4:59PM ET on March 31, 2020 (“Promotion Period”).

How does the promotion work?

During the Promotion Period, you can obtain a code (“Code”) in one of two ways: (1) by purchasing one of the specially marked Juicy Juice products in stores: or; (2) Between October 4, 2019 and March 16, 2020 you can obtain a Code without a purchase by mailing a self-addressed stamped envelope to: Juicy Juice “Enjoy Juicy Juice and You Could Win Movie Tickets and More!” Instant Win Game Code Request, Dept. M3744, P.O. Box 4006, Grand Rapids, MN 55730-4006.Between 12:00AM ET on March 17, 2020 and 4:59 PM ET on March 31, 2020, you can obtain a Code without a purchase by visiting www.juicyjuicewin.com and following the link to the alternate means of entry (“AMOE”) Code generation page. Once at the AMOE Code generation page, you must fill out all required information, agree to comply with and be bound by these Official Rules, and submit the form to generate the AMOE code and complete your entry. 

After entering the Promotion, you will immediately receive a message. If the on-screen message reads “Congratulations” you are the potential winner of the prize specified and must follow the instructions provided to claim your prize.

What are the prizes?

There are three possible prizes:

There is a limit of one (1) first prize per person and five (5) second prizes per person, throughout the Promotion Period.

What flavors/packages of Juicy Juice have Codes?  

Specially marked participating products

How many packages are in the specially marked promotion?


What stores are selling the specially marked Juicy Juice participating products?

You can find the Juicy Juice participating products at the following stores https://juicyjuice.com/jj-wtb

Do these specially marked Juicy Juice participating products cost more than the Juicy Juice I usually buy?

No, these are of equal value to non-promotionally marked packages.

Where do I find the official rules?

Official Rules are located at www.juicyjuicewin.com/rules

Can I play more than once per day?  

No, you may enter the Promotion only 1 time per day, throughout the Promotion Period, regardless of how you received your code. Only one (1) e-mail address may be used by a Participant to enter the Promotion. Multiple Participants are not permitted to share the same e-mail address. Any attempt by any Participant to obtain more than the stated number of entries by using multiple/different e-mail addresses, identities, registrations, accounts, logins, or any other methods will void that Participant’s entries and that Participant may be disqualified.

Code Specific

Where is the code printed?

The code is printed inside the bottle wrap for the specially marked Juicy Juice 64 oz product and printed on the inside wrap cover of the specially marked Juicy Juice 8 pack juice boxes.

Can I enter the same code more than once?   

No, each code is unique and may only be entered once.

I can’t read my code / it’s blurry.

Please contact us at  juicyjuice@wearesfg.com so we can assist you.

How do I get a free code?  

Between October 4, 2019 and March 16, 2020, you can obtain a Code without a purchase, by mailing a self-addressed stamped envelope to: Juicy Juice “Enjoy Juicy Juice and You Could Win Movie Tickets and More!” Instant Win Game Code Request, Dept. M3744, P.O. Box 4006, Grand Rapids, MN 55730-4006.Between 12:00AM ET on March 17, 2020 and 4:59 PM ET on March 31, 2020, you can obtain a Code without a purchase by visiting www.juicyjuicewin.com and following the link to the alternate means of entry (“AMOE”) Code generation page. Once at the AMOE Code generation page, you must fill out all required information, agree to comply with and be bound by these Official Rules, and submit the form to generate the AMOE code and complete your entry. 

When is the last day to redeem my codes?

March 31, 2020 at 4:59PM ET

Movie Ticket Winners

How does the movie ticket voucher work?

Print your e-Movie Cash Ticket and use it at any participating theater. Or, if you are unable to immediately print, you can still print from your confirmation email for up to 7 days. e-Movie Cash Tickets can be used for movie admission up $8. Your e-Movie Cash Ticket is not valid with any other offer, no cash will be provided as change, is not refundable for cash and is only valid in the United States. It cannot be replaced if lost, stolen, expired or damaged. This offer is subject to Terms and Conditions found on program's website.

Which theaters will accept my e-Movie Cash Ticket?

For participating theaters, go to http://emoviecash.com/locator.

What can I do if I lose my e-Movie Cash Ticket or need to reprint it?

You will receive a confirmation email, which includes a link to your e-Movie Cash Ticket. This link will expire within 7 days of receipt. Lost, misplaced, expired or damaged e-Movie Cash Tickets will not be replaced or refunded.

Can I make copies of my e-Movie Cash Ticket?

No mechanically reproduced, forged or altered official e-Movie Cash Tickets will be accepted. Fraudulent submission could result in federal prosecution under mail fraud statutes.

Can I give my e-Movie Cash Ticket to someone else to use? No, e-Movie Cash certificates (e-Movie Cash Tickets) are non-transferable.

How long do I have to use my e-Movie Cash Ticket?

Movie certificate reward code is void if not activated by April 15, 2020 and movie certificate void if not used by May 31, 2020. 

I do not have access to a printer. How can I print out my e-Movie Cash Ticket?

A confirmation email will be sent to you, allowing you to print your ticket for up to 7 days. Your ticket will not be available after 7 days. During this time, you are able to forward your email to an account or person with access to a printer.

The theater is asking for my address and zip code to enter into their POS terminal, what do I tell them? 

The theater should enter the address and zip code printed on your e-Movie Cash ticket. The address is 111 John Street, 27th Floor, New York, NY 10038.

I have a question or complaint about a movie theater. 

e-Movie Cash operates independently from the theaters. If you have a local theater specific question regarding topics such as available theater amenities, ticket category age policies, or when a particular movie will be coming to your location, you must contact the theater directly.

I received an "Internal Error" message. What does this mean? 

This problem usually occurs if your browser has not been set to accept "cookies." Cookies are small text files stored on your computer by e-Movie Cash and other Websites you visit. Your Internet browser must be set to accept cookies. The process required to accept cookies differs for each browser, but you should be able to access instructions through the "Help" menu on your browser. Once your browser settings have been changed be sure to close and restart your Internet browser application. Please remember, if you are running any software that filters or blocks cookies, you may still have this problem even if your browser is set to accept cookies. Similarly, some third-party applications, which kill pop-ups, also prevent cookies from being set.

How do I contact e-Movie Cash Customer Service?

To contact e-Movie Cash customer support, please: email customerservice@tpgny.com.

Product Coupon Winners

I won but didn’t get my coupon yet.

Please allow 6-8 weeks for fulfillment of product coupons.

What products am I able to redeem my coupon for?

Any Juicy Juice product – juice boxes, bottles, splashers, etc. - up to $3.99.

Downloadable activity pack created by Juicy Juice Winners

I won but wasn’t able to download my PDF – can you send to me?

Please submit your information to juicyjuice@wearesfg.com and we will contact you.

I have won the downloadable activity pack more than once. Are there any other prizes?

Yes! There are three different prizes: Movie tickets, Juicy Juice vouchers and downloadable activity packs. The prizes are awarded randomly throughout the promotion period. If you haven’t yet won a movie ticket or voucher, keep playing! You still have a chance to win. If you have any additional questions, please email juicyjuice@wearesfg.com.



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